Home-Start Blaby District, Oadby and Wigston are always looking to recruit new volunteers. Without our volunteers Home-Start could not function.  Our volunteers are friendly, reliable, trustworthy and won’t judge.

What do our volunteers do?

Our volunteers will usually visit a family in their home once a week for a couple of hours. Home-Start volunteers offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. They can be an extra pair of hands to help you cope with everyday situations. Many parents feel much better emotionally when they know that there is someone there they could turn to for help.

Our volunteers do an amazing job and have the support from all our staff here at Home-Start.

Not only do our families benefit from our volunteers time but our volunteers get a lot out of it too.

“To me, volunteering for Home Start is the single most rewarding thing I have ever done. Just knowing that a weekly visit helps alleviate a little of the misery felt by some of the parents, is reward in itself” Home-Start Volunteer

Who are our volunteers?

They are people just like you – ordinary people who understand just how hard it can be to bring up young children. They all have parenting experience – some are young, others are not so young – and they come from many different backgrounds.

Volunteers do not just give time – and for some, a considerable amount each week – but also bring warmth, humour, empathy and a realistic view of life. They are non-judgmental, extremely modest and enormously skilful. Our volunteers do not always believe it but all undoubtedly do make a difference.

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Becoming a volunteer for Home-Start Blaby District, Oadby and Wigston…

We welcome people from all walks of life and we are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. Are you a Parent or a Grandparent? Can you spare 2-3 hours a week? Do you want to make a difference to a local family? Then you are qualified to work with us.

If you would like to become a volunteer or would like more information, please call us on 0116 263 0270, visit out Do-it Page or complete the Application form for Volunteers

Our volunteers go through an intensive training course, the Course of Preparation, consisting of one day a week for eight weeks.

The purpose of the course is:

  1. To enable volunteers to develop an understanding of and a commitment to Home-Start philosophy.
  2. To enable volunteers to explore their own values and attitudes, making them better able to understand and support families.
  3. To provide volunteers with relevant information, including knowledge of Home-Start procedures.
  4. To help volunteers to develop their self-awareness and skills, thereby building up their confidence.
  5. To achieve a secure working relationship with volunteers and coordinators.
  6. To enable the coordinators to get to know the volunteers well enough to assess their strengths and limitations, with a view to matching them with an appropriate family.