Families and Groups

How can Home-Start Blaby District, Oadby and Wigston help?

Being a parent, wherever you live, whatever your circumstances, isn’t always easy. Add in pressures such as illness or financial worries, and without the support of family and friends, the stress can seem overwhelming. Some parents lose confidence in their ability to cope and most can remember days when they would have liked someone to turn to. Home-Start Blaby District, Oadby and Wigston offers support, friendship and practical help for families with young children. We help parents grow in confidence, to strengthen and enjoy their relationships with their children to the full and to widen their links within the community.

Who does Home-Start help?

Families from all backgrounds, with at least one child under 5, who are experiencing difficulties. These might be lonely or isolated parents or families with twins, multiple births or several pre-school children. They could be families where there is ill health or disability/special needs. Lone parents, and mums who may have postnatal depression, or families who are new to an area.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, they are mostly parents themselves or have other relevant experience and are carefully selected for their friendliness and understanding. All volunteers attend a course of preparation before being linked with a family and take their own individual skills and experience to the families they visit. They are not paid for their work and will not replace your health visitor or a social worker. Volunteers will visit you in your home because you have invited them and they wish to offer you their time and friendship and will accept you as you are, so please feel relaxed about visits.

What else do we offer?

As well as having a volunteer matched with a family, that will visit their home, Home Start Blaby District, Oadby and Wigston also runs groups that parents and children can attend in their community which offer additional support.



Family Group

Our family groups are based in Oadby and Enderby and offer a safe and friendly environment for Home-Start parents and their children aged 0-5. Here, parents and children can meet, chat, play and relax.

If you feel any of our support would be suitable for you please call the office on 0116 2630270 or complete our Referral Form